Ballee Estate Watch Out

Ballee Estate Tenants

You just got a paper that asks if you want to transfer landlords to a Housing Association. Did you think the NIHE WANTS you to transfer to a Housing Association?


The people who want you to transfer are central UK government. And NOT for your benefit. Did you know they won’t let the NIHE talk to you about this transfer?


You would need to ask them, of course, but why are the NIHE gagged from talking to you? Why do people usually gag others? So they don’t give them all the facts, including those they might not like!

Might It Affect Your Rent?

Rents and rates charged by Housing Associations are approximately £30 per week higher for a three bedroom house when compared to NIHE rent and rates charges. Housing Associations are allowed to charge their own choice of rents for properties. The NIHE is accountable to the Minister for rent increases, who is accountable to the Assembly (when it is there).

Would You Get The Same Services?

You Have A Paper written by NIPSA that puts all the points you should consider when thinking about this vote. Taking into account all the points made, they recommend a NO VOTE!